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As a beginner in programming or IT you must have wondered what is Git , what is it used for . You mush have come across complicated definitions such as :

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency

After reading that definition you must have thought “What does that even mean” , well at least that was my reaction when i was a beginner.
So the million dollar question is “What is Git” .

What is Git? Git is a application or…

Introduction : So, Finally i got the time to make a python programming series for beginners where i will try my best to clear basic concepts of the language.I am assuming that you already know arithmetic operations ( additions , multiplication , division , subtraction) and a few very basic mathematics concepts like variables . Don’t worry if you don’t know what a variable is , I will start the series by explaining variables.If you do have a little bit experience with programming or you are a professional programmer in some other language trying to learn python , please feel…

Deploy the machine from this link:
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Exploiting this kind of vulnerability is very simple.All you have to do is start metasploit framework and send the required payload to the target system.

I am assuming that you already have nmap scanned your target machine.These are my scan results : You can see that nmap points out that specified machine is vulnerable to ms 17–010


Deploy the machine from this link:
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Metasploit, an open-source pentesting framework, is a powerful tool utilized by security engineers around the world. Maintained by Rapid 7, Metasploit is a collection of not only thoroughly tested exploits but also auxiliary and post-exploitation tools. Throughout this room, we will explore the basics of using this massive framework and a few of the modules it includes.

Hydra Logo

Deploy the machine from this link:

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What is Hydra?

We can use Hydra to run through a list and ‘bruteforce’ some authentication service. Imagine trying to manually guess someones password on a particular service (SSH, Web Application Form, FTP or SNMP) — we can use Hydra to run through a password list and speed this process up for us, determining the correct password.

Hydra has the ability to bruteforce the following protocols: Asterisk, AFP, Cisco AAA, Cisco auth, Cisco enable, CVS, Firebird, FTP, HTTP-FORM-GET, HTTP-FORM-POST…


Deploy the machine from this link:
And if you have not signed up yet, what are you waiting for! Sign up Already!

Please Note: This machine is for scanning purposes only. You do not need to log into it, or exploit any vulnerabilities to gain access.

Task 2 Introduction :

What networking constructs are used to direct traffic to the right application on a server?

How many of these are available on any network-enabled computer?65535

[Research] How many of these are considered “well-known”? (These are the “standard” numbers mentioned in the task)

Task 3 NMAP switches:

Awareness about Cyber-security as a career

You must have heard of IT people who sit all day on computer screens writing weird code and getting paid generously at the end of every month. Some of them are Web developers others are mobile developers etc, and overall, we call them Software Engineers. Many people who are interested in computers and technology choose it as their career. Most of the beginners prefer Software Engineering as a career destination and tend to ignore other significant fields such as “Cybersecurity.” In recent years it is in the spotlight, but I think there is still a void in there that needs…

TOR refers to a specific kind of network which uses onion technology known as onion circuits to make the data travel over the network using thousands of network overlays interconnected with each other. The main technology behind all of this is onion routing which encrypts data travelling from application layer of a communication including the destination IP address. The data encrypted data is sent to an encrypted IP address through anonymous onion virtual circuits. The data is encrypted in multiple layers just like an onion. When the data is received by the final relay it de-crypts it layer by layer…

You may have seen evil twins of characters in movies doing utterly opposite of what their twins do, such as in Spider-man! Well, we will be talking about a similar cyber security-related term, “The evil Twin Attack”. It is one of my favorites because of the simplicity with which one can hack a Wi-Fi within minutes! All you need to have is a laptop with a working Linux distro or Mac OS. 😉

Graphical Representation of Evil Twin Attack


What is Evil-Twin Attack? Using Evil Twin Attack, we create a fake access point similar to the real Wi-Fi access point (Real Wi-Fi) to steal the…


I am a Cyber Security Engineer(currently studying) and a technology enthusiast.Looking forward to engage with the Medium community and share knowledge!

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