TOR Browser and Dark Web

3 min readJul 22, 2021

TOR refers to a specific kind of network which uses onion technology known as onion circuits to make the data travel over the network using thousands of network overlays interconnected with each other. The main technology behind all of this is onion routing which encrypts data travelling from application layer of a communication including the destination IP address. The data encrypted data is sent to an encrypted IP address through anonymous onion virtual circuits. The data is encrypted in multiple layers just like an onion. When the data is received by the final relay it de-crypts it layer by layer sending it to the destination without revealing the original IP address. This eliminates any chance of data stealing as the data was concealed at every hop of the tor circuit.

Foundation of dark web: Dark web consists of all those websites that are not indexed by mainstream search engines such as Google,Yahoo,Bing as they intentionally choose not to be indexed by the mainstream internet. They use the tor network for their communications thus all of them are anonymous to main web. These types of websites form Dark web, simply the websites that are not indexed thus not monitored.

What is Dark Web: Working of Tor

How to Access Dark Web:

As mentioned earlier, Dark Web cannot be accessed by normal web browsers as it uses different technology. Most of what you have heard about Dark Web is probably not that wrong. It actually contains Illegal online Markets, Child Pornography and many other illegal things such as buying a hacked satellite! So, the question pops up: Is it legal to access Dark Web? No, it’s not illegal to access it but the problem is that most of the time it leads you to illegal websites which can get you in a lot of trouble if your network is not secure.

You can access this portion of web by using Tor Browser or any other browser that supports onion technology. But before you try to access dark web, you need to make sure of following things:

You are using a Virtual Machine to access it. Virtual Machine is a virtual operating system running on your computer. You can install a Virtual operating System using software like VM Ware. You can use Tor without VM but it is recommended to use VM as they are much safer, compared to regular browsing on dark web.

Your Web Cam should be covered properly with a sticker or something. It is to make sure that nobody watches you while you are browsing, creepy, right? Well, there is a chance that a hacker gets to your machine. First thing he will try to do is access your webcam!

Use a vpn as well. Using a vpn along with Tor can improve the security and make you even more anonymous.

While using Tor on a Virtual Machine you are completely anonymous. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) would never know what you are doing on the network as all the communication will be encrypted! You can use The Hidden Wiki to get dark web links. You can find rare books and scientific researches not available on main web. Banned scientific papers, blue prints can also be found. All you have to do is be careful and click on the right links.